Fall Colors at Algonquin Park and Oxtongue Lake

We took a drive up from Toronto, Ontario on October 1, 2012, to checkout the fall colors in the Algonquin Park and Oxtongue Lake areas.  From atop the Dorset tower, the view of the color sure proved the drive worthwhile.  According to the local people with whom we spoke,  this was the best fall color seen in this area in 10 years.

Dorset tower looking north.

Dorset tower looking east.

Dorset tower looking south towards Lake of Bays.

Dorset tower panoramic looking north.

Dorset tower looking towards Lake of Bays.

Dorset tower looking west.

Oxtongue River looking north.

Marsh’s Falls on Oxtongue River.

Oxtongue Rapids (Hogs Trough)

Oxtongue Rapids along Oxtongue Rapids Road

Oxtongue River

Oxtongue Lake west shoreline.

Beetle Lake Trail at Oxtongue Lake

View south from Beetle Lake Trail of Oxtongue Lake.

View from Beetle Lake Trail of shoreline of Oxtongue Lake

Oxtongue Lake

Oxtongue Lake northern bay.

Bob and I atop Beetle Lake Trail at Oxtongue Lake.

Color at Tea Lake, Algonquin Park.

Tea Lake, south shoreline.

Tea Lake above Tea Lake Dam.

Panoramic of Tea Lake.

Beaver pond and beaver dam along the Oxtongue River

Beaver makes its way home.

Moose in Algonquin Park.

Moose gives us a good stare.

Moose cow and its calf take time to eat dinner.

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Frame To Frame Bob and Jean


  • Thank you so much for sharing these images. My family had a cottage in Dorset until my stepmother sold it after my father died, and I still grieve over it never so much as during the Cavalcade of Colour.

    • I am glad that you had a chance to revisit the wonderful fall colour in Haliburton by viewing our photographs. I can understand your sadness at losing the family cottage because it is a very special area, as you said, especially during the marvelous show put on by the changing fall foliage. These past two years, it has been outstanding…the best we have seen in decades. Or maybe we just happened to be in that area at the perfect time to see the autumn colours at their best. A visit to the area would be well worth your while.

  • Amazing…I want to visit this place

    • Thanks for your comment. When you visit the areas of Algonquin Provincial Park, Oxtongue Lake and Dorset, you will not be disappointed. Each season has something special to offer.

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