Pygmy Nuthatches At Grand Canyon National Park

Pygmy Nuthatch in a pine tree at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, USA

After completing a guided Fossil Walk along the South Rim Trail at    Grand Canyon National Park  ,    Bob and I hiked further along the rim to Maricopa Point before turning and heading back towards Maswik Lodge.  Our detour proved worthwhile when we discovered a small flock of Pygmy Nuthatches inhabiting one of the many trees. Read more

Hiking Bright Angel Trail To Indian Garden at the Grand Canyon

bright angel trail sign 2aa

The day preceding our hike on the Bright Angel Trail at    Grand Canyon National Park ,    saw Bob and me taking it easy and making the necessary preparations for our lengthy endeavour.  We purchased lots of salty snacks, lunch supplies, energy bars and fruit, knowing full well that the demands on our bodies would probably be the most extreme we had ever experienced.  With our alarm set for 4 a.m., and plans to hit the trail by 5 a.m., Bob and I intended to retire early, but in the end, we hit the hay about the same time as usual…10:30 p.m.  We were full of anticipation and trepidation.  Were we really up to the task? Read more

Mule Deer along the Grand Canyon South Rim Trail

mule deer, grand canyon national park

Bob and I had been at    Grand Canyon National Park    for a few days, and on top of exploring the phenomenal panoramic sights, we  had also been engrossed in the observation of a variety of bird species.  It was not until the morning of a guided Fossil Hike that we first came upon some Mule Deer.  People wanting to join the hike were to assemble on the canyon-side patio of Bright Angel Lodge, and there, just below the stone wall edging the pathway, a family of Mule Deer was having its breakfast. Read more

Message in a Bottle Update from Markham, Ontario

A message in a bottle in Markham, Ontario

Message sits inside a bottle

A little less than a year ago, Bob and I came across a mysterious message in a bottle at Milne Dam Conservation Area in Markham, Ontario.  Languishing in the high-water debris of Milne Pond, the well-stoppered bottle with a remarkably in tact wax seal was just waiting for someone to rescue it from almost certain obscurity. Read more

Double crested Cormorant at Lynde Shores Conservation Area

double-crested cormorant swims towards swamp

double-crested cormorant, profile of head

Bob and I have seen many Double crested Cormorants in the Georgian Bay area when canoeing the Beaver River and in the Minesing Swamp, not to mention right in the town of Thornbury, but we had never come across a member of the species at Lynde Shores Conservation Area in Whitby until on a recent visit there. Read more