A Solitary Sandpiper at Lower Reesor Pond in Toronto

A Solitary Sandpiper at Lower Reesor Pond in Toronto

solitary sandpiper at lower reesor pond - toronto 2

Bob and I recently visited Lower Reesor Pond in north Toronto because it is fairly close to our home and the day’s weather was uncertain.  There had been recent reports of a Green Heron sighted there, and we were keen to see for ourselves what waterfowl might be on location.  One of the birds that pleased us that day was a Solitary Sandpiper. Read more

Our Drive Through The Painted Desert In Arizona

photograph of Echo Cliffs on the Kaibito Plateau in the Painted Desert in Arizona, United States.

hwy 89 in arizona

Despite having been awake since a very early hour, it was not until about 10:30 a.m. that Bob and I decided to make a run for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  It was approximately 200 miles from the South Rim, and the roads were very good, so there was plenty of time left in the day to get there and back again.  One of the striking features of landscape to impress us along the route was the Painted Desert with its myriad formations in all colors of the rainbow. Read more

Viceroy Butterfly At Tommy Thompson Park

viceroy butterfly, tommy thompson park, toronto, ontario

Over the previous few weeks, Bob and I have made countless trips to Tommy Thompson Park, in Toronto, Ontario, in search of Monarch Butterflies, caterpillars and their elusive cocoons.  On one visit, another Monarch Butterfly landed on a bush right in front of me, or so I thought until I got a closer look at its wings.  The brightly-coloured orange butterfly turned out to be a Viceroy butterfly (Limenitus archippus). Read more

A Flutter of Monarch Butterflies At Toronto Shoreline

monarch butterflies - tree 3 - at colonel sam smith park - etobicoke - ontario 19

One fall, Bob and I ended up spending most of the day at Colonel Samuel Smith Park at the edge of Lake Ontario in Toronto.  Our mission to locate a flutter of Monarch Butterflies started early in the morning, but it was not until late in the afternoon that we finally knew success.  There was no mistaking the chosen tree for its branches hung with hundreds and hundreds of these beautiful butterflies, come together to rest for the night. Read more

Osprey At Tommy Thompson Park In Toronto

Osprey At Tommy Thompson Park In Toronto

osprey at tommy thompson park - toronto - ontario 1

Over the summer, Bob and I made numerous trips to Tommy Thompson Park.  It all started when we went to look for Monarch Butterfly larvae.  On one subsequent trip to the Park, we ventured further out on the Spit than usual and were quite pleased to find an Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) perched on a tree stump in the middle of the first large pond. Read more

The Twelve Bens On A Misty Day In County Galway

photograph of clouds over Muckanaght Mountain in the Twelve Bens in Ireland.

from right - benfree mountain - muckanaght mountain - bencullagh mountain - twelve bens in ireland

Before departing Kylemore Abbey, Bob discovered that we were in need of some cash and videotapes for his camera.  Our route was chosen for us.  We had to drive along the coast towards Letterfrack and Clifden in search of a banking machine and some shops that might sell camera gear.  Supplies in hand, all that was left to do was get to Rossaveal and hop on the ferry to the Aran Islands  where we would spend the next couple of days.  En route, a serendipitous decision by Bob had us veering off into the lonesome countryside towards several of the Twelve Bens Mountains. Read more

A Hornets nest in Milliken Park in Toronto

A Hornets nest in Milliken Park in Toronto

hornets nest in tree in milliken park - toronto - ontario 6

Last week, Bob and I walked over to Milliken Park to check up on the Trumpeter Swan Cygnets and search for Monarch Butterflies.  As we busied ourselves photographing a beautiful Monarch specimen on a milkweed flower, we became distracted by numerous Cedar Waxwings perching in the top of a dead tree.  We were happy to see that a number of those birds were still at the park.  When I glanced into the crown of a nearby maple tree, I was dumbfounded as to what I was seeing.  It looked like a huge turban made out of cloth, but then I recognized it as a hornet”s nest.  It was huge! Read more