Red Foxes Wintering In Snowy Algonquin Provincial Park

red fox in algonquin park - november 2014 pic 6

Late in the fall one year, Bob and I visited Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario, and with the early snowfall received in the area, the Park was totally transformed from even a couple of weeks before.  As we made our way around the Park in search of wildlife, we could not resist the temptation to revisit the home range of a couple of Red Foxes known to many people.  The resident Foxes were out and about and seemed all that much more beautiful given the white canvas that accentuated their rich red coat of winter fur. Read more

An Eastern Coyote hunting prey in a farm field in Ontario

An Eastern Coyote hunting prey in a farm field in Ontario

eastern coyote near saintfield, ontario pic 2

On a drive north of Whitby, Ontario, Bob happened to glance into a farm field adjacent to the highway where he spotted a Coyote (Canis latrans) sauntering along.  It is quite common to see Coyotes in and around rural farm properties in Ontario, as well as right in the heart of cities like Toronto, where they share our green spaces and waterways. Read more

Dun Aonghasa On Inishmore Island

An image of the stone walls of Dun Aonghasa Fort on Inishmore Island, in Ireland. Photography by Frame To Frame - Bob and Jean.

Dun Aonghasa Fort was our first destination of the day when we awoke on Inishmore Island, one of the islands in the chain known as the Aran Islands in County Galway, Ireland.  This prehistoric fort is the most famous of those found on the Aran Islands, and it is perched at the brink of a 100-metre (328 ft) precipice buffeted by the north Atlantic Ocean.  Its location is spectacular. Read more