Thousands of Greater Snow Geese Migrating In Ontario

greater snow geese near casselman, ontario, canada

On a cool November day with sunshine in the forecast, Bob and I decided on the spur of the moment to take a drive into Eastern Ontario to see the spectacle of Greater Snow Geese amassing near Casselman.  Reportedly, 60,000 Snow Geese had already formed one flock with more arriving hourly. Read more

Travelling down memory lane: Our Walking Tour of London

london bridge 100_4163

An image of Prince Albert Hall in London, England.

Arriving in London, England, after traveling all night had Bob, me and our son in need of a bit of down time before setting off to explore the city.  With lunch and a short nap under our belts, we felt rejuvenated and wanted to begin our walking tour of some of London’s many sights.   We began with a stroll through nearby Hyde Park to Kensington Gardens.  Read more