Red-tailed Hawk in Markham, Ontario

Red-tailed Hawk in Markham, Ontario


On a hike at the Milne Dam Conservation Park in Markham, Ontario, we came upon this Red-tailed Hawk sitting in a tree above the hiking trail. Read more

Wild Turkeys on a snowy road in Ontario

Wild Turkeys on a snowy road in Ontario

Wild Turkeys getting off Hwy 35 near Dorset, Ontario

On a windy, snowy day in Ontario, Bob and I headed north towards Algonquin Provincial Park on one of our frequent treks in that direction.  It was a particularly stormy day as we navigated the highway, and, as always, we were watching for wildlife.  But suddenly we came upon a group of Eastern wild turkey’s on the road. Read more

Windmills At Zaanse Schans In The Netherlands

Jean and Bob at Zaanse Schans, the netherlands

After taking two days to tour the fields where tulips are cultivated, and to revel in the show of spring flowers at Keukenhof Gardens, it was time to make our way to the village of Zaanse Schans to view the large collection of windmills that still stand there in the Netherlands.  Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, Holland had over 10,000 windmills; today, that number has dwindled to near 1,000.  Most of the 10,000 original windmills were used to power industries,  but that ended with the industrial revolution.  Those that survived were either grinding grain or draining fields out in the country. Read more

Northern Saw-Whet Owl We Sighted In Toronto

Northern Saw-Whet Owl sitting in tree in Toronto park, Ontario, Canada

Bob and I went for a walk one afternoon in Milliken Park, here in Toronto, Ontario,  and by chance, we spotted a Northern Saw-Whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus) at rest in the thick brush.  I had never seen an owl in the wild before, and certainly not one in such close proximity.  We have frequented this park for years, and this was the first time we were lucky enough to catch sight of an owl. Read more

Amsterdam a world of bikes, tulips, and windmills

bike parking lot in amsterdam, the netherlands

Central Station, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After landing at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, Bob and I boarded a train for a 25-minute ride into Amsterdam.  At the downtown railway station, we inquired about catching a cab to our hotel but were told that it was located nearby.  And so, with bags in hand, we set off through the streets on our short walk!  We needed to stretch our legs in any case. Read more

Fall Colors at Algonquin Park and Oxtongue Lake

fall colors, dorset tower view, hwy 35, ontario, pic 2

fall colors, dorset tower view, ontario, pic 1

We took a drive up from Toronto, Ontario on October 1, 2012, to checkout the fall colors in the Algonquin Park and Oxtongue Lake areas.  From atop the Dorset tower, the view of the color sure proved the drive worthwhile.  According to the local people with whom we spoke,  this was the best fall color seen in this area in 10 years. Read more

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