Hawks we have sighted

Hawks we have sighted

photograph of a Sharp-shinned hawk during a snowstorm in Toronto, Ontario.



The following is a list of the Hawks we have sighted.  To view a post simply click on a link below.





A Juvenile Coopers Hawk stakes out my Toronto backyard

A Coopers Hawk we spotted in Toronto

A Coopers Hawk after a wet night in Comox

A Sopping Wet Sharp-shinned Hawk in Toronto

A Sharp-shinned Hawk suffers through a Toronto snowstorm

A Sharp-shinned Hawk sighted in Milliken Park in Toronto

A Broad-winged Hawk sighted near Dorset, Ontario

A Red-tailed Hawk sighted holding a rat in Toronto

A Red-tailed Hawk sighted in Markham, Ontario

An Osprey at Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto

Frame To Frame – Bob and Jean

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