A Wet Sharp-shinned Hawk In Goldhawk Park

A Wet Sharp-shinned Hawk In Goldhawk Park

Wet Sharp Shinned Hawk sits in tree

In our local park, a Sharp-shinned hawk was taking issue with the weather even as a gentle mist continued to settle on the land.  The hawk had taken refuge in the top of a local century old maple tree.

Wet Sharp Shinned Hawk holds on with claw

This poor guy looked pretty waterlogged, and to make matters worse, a small flock of chickadees, and even a cardinal, kept flying in and around the hawk’s perch, more or less taunting him as he remained flight bound because of his drenched plumage.

Sharp shinned holds on with one claw

It is hard to believe that this pile of feathers is the backside of a Sharp-shinned hawk!  He was vainly attempting to dry off his wing and tail feathers, and as we watched, he repeatedly lifted his wings, spread his tail and generally kept shaking off the moisture.

Rain drops on a limb

With the continuing drizzle, everything was dripping wet.

Here is a short video that Bob filmed of this very wet hawk!

Sharp Shinned Hawk with wet feathers

We have seen many a Cormorant standing on rocky islands or perched in trees where they hold out their wings to dry them, but never before a hawk like this one.

Wet Tail feathers of Sharp Shinned Hawk

I have read that a soggy hawk just like a Cormorant cannot fly with wet wings,  so we were very careful not to get too close to this hawk and distract him from the task at hand.  We worried that the hawk might hurt itself if it decided to fly before being sufficiently dried out.

Sharp Shinned Hawk holds right wing out to dry

It’s supposed to clear up here in Toronto this afternoon, with the possibility of a little sunshine, so I suspect this hawk will be more pleased than anyone when the sun’s rays warm his body.

Tree with Sharp Shinned Hawk

A foggy, wet day in Milliken Park, Toronto.

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