Owls we have sighted

Owls we have sighted

photograph of a Northern Saw Whet Owl in Milliken Park in Toronto, Ontario.

The following is a list of the Owls we have sighted.  To view a post simply click on a link below.

Northern Saw-Whet Owl we sighted in Toronto

A Long-eared Owl at Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto

An Eastern Screech Owl (Red Morph) in Burlington, Ontario

An Eastern Screech Owl: A Master of Disguise In Burlington, Ontario

Snowy Owl at Colonel Samuel Smith Park in Etobicoke

Snowy Owl with kill on the ice at Frenchman’s Bay

Snowy Owl sighting at Frenchman’s Bay in Ontario

Great Horned Owl Babies out of their Thickson’s Woods Nest

Great Horned Owl sitting in Thickson’s Woods

Great Horned Owl in Whitby’s Thickson’s Woods

Great Horned Owlets at Second Marsh, Oshawa, Ontario

Barred Owl we sighted at West Cranberry Tract in Whitby

Barred Owl we sighted at Thickson’s Woods in Whitby

Barred Owl sighted along Duffin’s Creek near Markham, Ontario

Great Grey Owl we sighted near Ottawa in Ontario

Frame To Frame – Bob and Jean

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