A Red-Bellied Woodpecker at Lynde Shores Conservation Area

A Red-Bellied Woodpecker at Lynde Shores Conservation Area

Red-bellied Woodpecker - takes a break after eats snow - Lynde Shores - Whitby - Ontario

With a gusty northwest wind blowing, Bob and I headed to Lynde Shores Conservation Area in Whitby, Ontario.  We wondered if the Red-bellied Woodpecker was still lingering in the woods there, and sure enough, I heard its repeated chiff-chiff and rolling churrr before actually spotting the Woodpecker on a nearby tree. Read more

Sharp-shinned Hawk Suffers Through Toronto Snowstorm

Sharp-shinned Hawk Suffers Through Toronto Snowstorm

Sharp-shinned Hawk takes a break in snowstorm -Toronto - Canada

As another winter storm hit Toronto, many of us were, without a doubt, contemplating how we would weather the onslaught of another heavy snow.  Well, this poor unfortunate Sharp-shinned hawk ( Accipiter striatus) was not faring very well in my backyard as it looked for some unsuspecting prey.  Birds seem to know when nasty weather is brewing, and this bird has been visiting my property frequently, likely hoping for an easy catch to sustain him while the blizzard unfolded. Read more

Two Pileated Woodpeckers in Algonquin Park

Two female Pileated Woodpeckers one above the other 2, Algonquin Park - January 2013

One winter, Bob and I went cross-country skiing on the Fen Lake Trail in Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario.  As luck had it, we spotted two female Pileated Woodpeckers  working industriously on the same tree in the depths of the forest.  Pileated Woodpeckers are the largest woodpeckers you will find in the wilds of Ontario. Read more

Barred Owl we sighted at Thickson’s Woods in Whitby

photograph of a barred owl sitting in a tree at Thicksons Woods, in Whitby, Ontario.

Barred Owl sits in tree- Thickson's Woods - Whitby - Ontario

On a bitterly cold January day with temperatures of -20 Celsius when the wind chill was factored in, Bob and I,  drove out to Thickson’s Woods in Whitby, Ontario, because we had heard that two Great Horned Owls make their home in that unique small forest.  As it turned out we didn’t find the Great Horned Owls, but did find this Barred Owl sitting in the woods. Read more

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