Green Metallic Bees In My Toronto Flower Garden

Green Metallic Bees In My Toronto Flower Garden

green metallic bee collects pollen - toronto - ontario 8

One gloriously sunny morning this past summer, I was taking my time in the garden with teacup in hand.  That was soon replaced by my camera when I spotted some interesting insects on the False Sunflowers (Heliopsis helianthoides “Ballerina”).  One such bug that I had never noticed before was this Virescent Green Metallic Bee (Agapostemon virescens) of the Halictid Family. Read more

Clouded Sulphur Butterfly At Lynde Shores Conservation Area

clouded sulpher butterfly, sits on flower and collects nectar, Lynde Shores Conservation Area, whitby, ontario

It was rather late in the fall when Bob and I went for a walk at  Lynde Shores Conservation Area  in Whitby, but glorious sunshine made for an unseasonably warm day.  It was no surprise, then, to find numerous butterflies visiting the remaining wildflowers in the meadows within sight of Lake Ontario, butterflies such as this Clouded Sulphur. Read more

Twelve-spotted Skimmer Dragonfly At Rosetta McClain Gardens

twelve-spotted skimmer dragonfly, closeup on dry flower head, rosetta mcclain gardens, toronto

Late one fall morning, Bob and I decided to pack an impromptu picnic and head down to Rosetta McClain Gardens on the Scarborough Bluffs here in Toronto.  We anticipated wonderful views of Lake Ontario as we munched on our modest lunch, but we did not foresee the multitudes of dragonflies that had gathered at the gardens, ones such as this Twelve-spotted Skimmer Dragonfly. Read more

Types of Butterflies We Have Sighted Around The World

Types of Butterflies We Have Sighted Around The World

Giant Swallowtail butterflies on butterfly bush, toronto, ontario

Years ago, I planted a Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) in my front garden in the hopes of attracting butterflies to my property.  I never imagined that one day I would be seeing, not one, but two Giant Swallowtail Butterflies  cavorting amongst the branches of the plant. Read more

Green Darner Dragonflies At Rosetta McClain Gardens

Green Darner Dragonfly - closeup on rose bush  - Rosetta McClain Gardens - Toronto

Green Darner Dragonfly - closeup on pink flower - Rosetta McClain Gardens - Toronto

When Bob and I dropped into Rosetta McClain Gardens for a brief walkabout, the last thing we expected to see were hundreds of Green Darner Dragonflies darting in and around the expansive flower beds.  When one such dragonfly lit on a flower head, we had the opportunity for a very close look at its anatomy.   Green Darner Dragonflies can be positively identified by the black bulls-eye in front of their large brown eyes. Read more

Tomato Hornworm Moths At Grand Canyon National Park

Tomato Hornworm Moth in flight to Moonflower - Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona

After a full day of activity at    Grand Canyon National Park,    Bob and I were returning late to our room at Maswik Lodge when a flicker of movement drew my eye towards the stunning night-blooming Moonflowers.  We were not the only ones attracted by the glowing white flowers.  Numerous Tomato Hornworm Moths, also known as Five-spotted Hawkmoths,  were circling for a landing. Read more

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