Juvenile Bald Eagle in Ajax, Ontario

Juvenile bald eagle sitting in a tree in Ajax, Ontario

It was so exciting to learn about a juvenile Bald Eagle that had been sighted along the shore of Lake Ontario in Ajax, Ontario.  Being tied up with fall chores around our property, we had to wait a good couple of weeks before having the chance to go and look for it and were relieved to find that it was still hanging around the same area as reported. Read more

Bald Eagles Along The Shore Near Comox

bald eagles on navigational beacon - comox - british columbia 4

When visiting relatives in Bowser, British Columbia, in early January, we were fortunate to have clear sunny weather for a couple of days in a row.  It was one misty morning, however, when we took a drive to nearby Comox in the hopes of seeing some Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus).  We were not disappointed. Read more

Bald Eagles At Deep Bay On Vancouver Island

Two bald eagles sitting in a tree at Deep Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Morning walks are the ritual for my sister-in-law, Claire, and her husband, Martin, and from their home in Bowser, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island, they have a variety of options open to them, but no matter which direction they choose to go, they almost always spot one or two Bald Eagles in the treetops. Read more

Juvenile Bald Eagle At Boundary Bay in British Columbia

Immature Bald Eagle - Boundary Bay - BC - 1

As Bob and I completed the trail that leads to Centennial Beach Cafe, we heard a raucous in a treetop right above our heads.  A sole juvenile Bald Eagle sat perched there at rest, whereas only one week earlier, according to regular visitors, about 200 Bald Eagles were seen in Boundary Bay Regional Park and environs. Read more