A Black-Crowned Night Heron at Tommy Thompson Park

photograph of a black-crowned night heron sitting on a tree at Tommy Thompson Park, Toronto, Ontario

A Black-crowned night heron at Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto is recognized worldwide as a significant habitat for breeding waterbirds, and during the summer months, when fewer songbirds make the Leslie Street Spit their home, birdwatchers will still be rewarded with glimpses into the lives of the colonial species, one of which includes the Black-crowned Night Heron. Read more

Black-Crowned Night Herons At Toronto’s Tommy Thompson Park

black crowned night heron - closeup two in nest - toronto - ontario - may 2013

Black-crowned Night Heron in its nest at Tommy Thompson Park, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

For my Mother’s Day outing one spring, our family decided to go for a hike at Tommy Thompson Park here in Toronto.  It is reputed as a birdwatchers’ paradise, and I would have to agree with whomever made that proclamation.  One of the most thrilling sightings we made that day was a nesting colony of Black-crowned Night Herons.  We saw at least 12 pairs of these magnificent birds, some on their nests, others perched in the trees. Read more