An Atlantis Fritillary Butterfly along the Mizzy Lake Trail

An Atlantis Fritillary Butterfly along the Mizzy Lake Trail

Atlantis Fritillary butterfly - mizzy lake trail - algonquin park - ontario

The location of our picnic spot along the Mizzy Lake Trail in Algonquin Park, happened to be very ideal next to a pond where we were rewarded with the pleasure of observing this Atlantis Fritillary Butterfly (Speyeria atlantis). Read more

Viceroy Butterfly At Tommy Thompson Park

viceroy butterfly, tommy thompson park, toronto, ontario

Over the previous few weeks, Bob and I have made countless trips to Tommy Thompson Park, in Toronto, Ontario, in search of Monarch Butterflies, caterpillars and their elusive cocoons.  On one visit, another Monarch Butterfly landed on a bush right in front of me, or so I thought until I got a closer look at its wings.  The brightly-coloured orange butterfly turned out to be a Viceroy butterfly (Limenitus archippus). Read more

A Flutter of Monarch Butterflies At Toronto Shoreline

monarch butterflies - tree 3 - at colonel sam smith park - etobicoke - ontario 19

One fall, Bob and I ended up spending most of the day at Colonel Samuel Smith Park at the edge of Lake Ontario in Toronto.  Our mission to locate a flutter of Monarch Butterflies started early in the morning, but it was not until late in the afternoon that we finally knew success.  There was no mistaking the chosen tree for its branches hung with hundreds and hundreds of these beautiful butterflies, come together to rest for the night. Read more

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis At Tommy Thompson Park

monarch butterfly chrysalis at tommy thompson park - ontario 7

One summer, Bob and I made for Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  We were certain, given the large number of Monarch Butterfly larvae that we had seen before, that we would be able to find a chrysalis on one of the many Milkweed plants.  Our memory served us well as to the locations of a good share of the well-advanced larvae, but it took us two days to actually locate a Monarch’s chrysalis amid the fields of stately Milkweed plants.  Our persistence had paid off! Read more

Monarch Butterflies Mating At Lower Reesor Pond In Toronto

Monarch Butterflies Mating At Lower Reesor Pond In Toronto

monarch butterflies mating at lower reesor pond - toronto 4

What a sad summer it was here in Toronto, Ontario in 2014, because Monarch Butterflies (Danaus plexippus) were conspicuous by their absence.  Bob and I had been monitoring sightings posted by nature lovers on Facebook, and websites such as The Insects and Arachnids of Ontario, The Weather Network, and Butterflies and Moths of North America.  We were not the only people discouraged by the poor showing of these beautiful insects so far this year. Read more

Clouded Sulphur Butterfly At Lynde Shores Conservation Area

clouded sulpher butterfly, sits on flower and collects nectar, Lynde Shores Conservation Area, whitby, ontario

It was rather late in the fall when Bob and I went for a walk at  Lynde Shores Conservation Area  in Whitby, but glorious sunshine made for an unseasonably warm day.  It was no surprise, then, to find numerous butterflies visiting the remaining wildflowers in the meadows within sight of Lake Ontario, butterflies such as this Clouded Sulphur. Read more

Types of Butterflies We Have Sighted Around The World

Types of Butterflies We Have Sighted Around The World

Giant Swallowtail butterflies on butterfly bush, toronto, ontario

Years ago, I planted a Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) in my front garden in the hopes of attracting butterflies to my property.  I never imagined that one day I would be seeing, not one, but two Giant Swallowtail Butterflies  cavorting amongst the branches of the plant. Read more

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