Black Bear With Her Three Young Cubs at Carden Alvar

black bear mom standup at cameron alvar, ontario, 2

Bob and I have learned so much through different groups on Facebook, and one of the areas that was brought to our attention was the Carden Alvar here in Ontario.  Our second visit in mid-June was a bit late and too hot for much activity where migrating birds were concerned, but our list of sightings was still long and included this female Black Bear and her three cubs. Read more

Black Bear Mom and Cubs Eat Blueberries In Algonquin Park

black bears eat blue berries - algonquin park - ontario 3

This past summer, Bob and I once again found ourselves in Algonquin Provincial Park here in central Ontario.  We had various objectives during our two-day visit to the area, and one of them was to pick wild blueberries.  Having heard that the crop was more plentiful than usual, we were eager to put ourselves to the task of harvesting a few.  It was quite a surprise to find that an American Black Bear and two cubs were sharing the blueberry patch with us. Read more

Raccoon Mother With Cubs Nesting In A Toronto Tree

Raccoon Mother With Cubs Nesting In A Toronto Tree

raccoon mother with cub in tree nest - toronto

Bob and I had taken a drive down to Queen Street East here in Toronto to check out the Cliff Swallows nesting at the Harris Water Treatment Plant.  On the way home, we decided to make a quick stop at a shoreline City Park where we caught up with some Baltimore Orioles and a number of Bank Swallows, but not much else was happening there that afternoon.  Then, another birdwatcher took us “under her wing” and escorted us to a tree where a family of Raccoons (Procyon lotor) was known to be nesting. Read more