Double-crested Cormorants nesting at Tommy Thompson Park

double-crested cormorants, tommy thompson park, toronto

Tommy Thompson Park on the Leslie Street Spit in Toronto, Ontario, is an amazing destination for anyone who is interested in observing birds, especially during spring migration, but a visit in July was also rewarding for Bob and me when we discovered scores of Double-Crested Cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus) with their young in the nests. Read more

Double crested Cormorant at Lynde Shores Conservation Area

double-crested cormorant swims towards swamp

double-crested cormorant, profile of head

Bob and I have seen many Double crested Cormorants in the Georgian Bay area when canoeing the Beaver River and in the Minesing Swamp, not to mention right in the town of Thornbury, but we had never come across a member of the species at Lynde Shores Conservation Area in Whitby until on a recent visit there. Read more