Wood ducks relocated from Mimico Creek oil spill

Wood duck at Lower Reesor Pond in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

By word of a fellow Facebook member who frequents South Reesor Pond even more often than we do, Bob and I came to know about three young Wood Ducks that recently were relocated to this small body of water in northeast Toronto.  We had occasion to photograph mature males and females at High Park in the spring, and very young hatchlings in Rouge National Urban Park a couple of years ago, so we were eager to observe a few juveniles. Read more

Wood Duck And Ducklings At Rouge Park

wood duck -female -with babies at rouge national urban park - toronto

On Father’s Day, my family teamed up for a hike in Rouge Park, in Toronto, Ontario.  For a change of scenery, my brother-in-law suggested a section of trail new to us, beginning just off of Meadowvale Road at the Rouge Valley Conservation Centre.  It was towards the end of our day’s explorations that we came upon a female Wood Duck and several ducklings at the ponds along the Cedar Trail. Read more

Redhead Ducks In Toronto Harbour

redhead duck, toronto harbour, ontario

One of the highlights of our winter day trip aboard a Toronto Island Ferry to Ward’s Island, one of 13 islands in Toronto Harbour, was seeing a real proliferation of ducks, some of which were wintering in Southern Ontario from the Arctic.  One such species was the striking Redhead Duck (Aythya americana). Read more

Northern Shoveler Ducks At Reifel Bird Sanctuary in BC

Northern Shoveler duck at Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Delta, BC, Canada.

As Bob and I rounded the trail that borders West Field at the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, we could not believe our eyes.  In a wide channel in the midst of a slough were several groupings of very impressive ducks:  Northern Shoveler Ducks, to be exact.  We had never seen this species of duck before but there was no mistaking this Northern Shoveler Duck with its over-sized bill. Read more

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