Eastern Screech Owlet In Rouge National Urban Park

eastern screech owlet, rouge national urban park, toronto

Pandemic Birding had been a whole new experience for Bob and me.  Since the pandemic was officially declared in March 2020, we had made outdoor activities a priority but always kept within a 30-minute radius from our home.  On one such occasion in late May 2020, we happened upon this newly fledged Eastern Screech Owlet. Read more

Eastern Screech Owl (Red Morph) in Burlington

tan morph eastern screech owl_burlington_ontario_ 6

Bob and I had heard that, at a particular cemetery in Burlington, Ontario, there are no less than three Eastern Screech Owls that inhabit nest holes in a couple of different trees.  On the morning of our most recent visit, we did find one of the Red Morph Screech Owls, but when directed to a second tree that a pair of Screech Owls calls home, the cavity showed no sign of its occupants.  It wasn’t until much later in the afternoon that I spotted this Red Morph when it poked its head out of the dark hollow for a peak at the world. Read more

Eastern Screech Owl Red Morph In Burlington

Eastern Screech Owl - Red Morph at Woodland Cemetery in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Well, Bob and I can finally say that we have seen an Eastern Screech Owl in the wild, as opposed to one we visited at the Mountsberg Raptor Centre a couple of years ago.  It has taken us two years to finally see the Eastern Screech Owls in Burlington and not for lack of knowing where to look.  It was overcast one day last week when Bob and I again ventured west of Toronto in hopes of finding at least one of the known Screech Owls out of its nest hole.  Read more