Tree Swallows near Grass Lake in Ontario

Tree Swallows near Grass Lake in Ontario

tree swallow, grass lake, cambridge, ontario

A sure harbinger of spring is the sight of Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) staking a claim on a chosen birdhouse, and that is exactly what Bob and I witnessed on a spring weekend near Cambridge, Ontario.  A farmer had generously provided a small selection of nesting boxes at the edge of a field, and they were a hot commodity. Read more

Sandhill Crane At Grass Lake In Ontario

An image of a Sandhill crane at Grass Lake near Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

A sudden change in plans had Bob and me with a free day in which to go birdwatching, an opportunity not to be missed.  Recent reports had us setting our sights on an area just west of Toronto, an area to which we had never gone birdwatching before.  It promised to be a fruitful day, and sure enough, amongst other species observed, we did sight one Sandhill Crane at Grass Lake near Cambridge, Ontario. Read more