Great Horned Owlets In Oshawa, Ontario

great horned owl and owlet, second marsh, oshawa, ontario,

For a change of scenery at the end of a week of birdwatching in parks around Toronto, Bob and I decided to pay a visit to Oshawa.  Our goal was to seek some of the migrating waterfowl that were moving through this area of southern Ontario.  It came as a surprise to come upon a Great Horned Owl and two Great Horned Owlets in the same neck of the woods. Read more

Great Horned Owlets in Whitby, Ontario

Great Horned Owl mom with two chicks - Thicksons Woods - Whitby - Ontario

Only a week after first photographing the Great Horned owlets in Whitby, Ontario, Bob and I returned to catch up on their progress and development.  When we first spotted the mother Owl, she was taking a break from her nesting responsibilities perched at the end of the same branch as that holding the nest. Read more