A Hooded Merganser in Hendrie Valley Sanctuary

Hooded Merganser, grindstone creek, hamilton, ontario

Bob and I drove out to Hamilton, Ontario, on a recent spring day, and opted to hike a trail system near the Royal Botanical Gardens rather than revisit Cootes Paradise, one of our favorite places to go birdwatching.  The Hendrie Valley Sanctuary encompasses a variety of habitats including marshlands, forested slopes, floodplain wetlands and four creeks.  It was there, as we walked along a section of Grindstone Creek, that we came upon this Hooded Merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus) paddling its way upstream. Read more

Wood Ducks at Grindstone Marsh in Hamilton

wood duck - grindstone marsh - hamilton

One spring, on the only clear day in a week of rainy weather, Bob and I seized the opportunity to go birdwatching.  A return trip was in order to the area of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton.  Not since the previous spring had we visited the protected areas in the Gardens’ vicinity, all of which make for great hiking and birdwatching.  It was in the Grindstone Marsh that Bob and I came upon two pairs of Wood Ducks (Aix sponsa) idling in the backwaters of one of the marshes. Read more