An Osprey carries branch to its nest at Carden Alvar

osprey, carden alvar, city of kawartha lakes, ontario, pic 8

osprey with tree branch, carden alvar, ontario, pic 2

On a mid-June visit to Carden Alvar in Ontario, Bob and I opted to tour the area in the reverse direction from our first visit when we crossed Canal Lake at dusk.  First thing in the morning provided better light for photography, and there was no lack of activity near the Osprey nests.  We were hoping that the Osprey did not drop its load as they flew over! Read more

Osprey enjoys flight above Carden Alvar, Ontario

Osprey in flight at Carden Alvar, City of Kawartha Lakes in Ontario

After spending all day at the Carden Alvar in Ontario, basically patrolling along Wylie Road north to the T intersection and back again to McNamee Road,  Bob decided that we should continue to check out some other areas of that protected habitat before we made for home.  Cameron Ranch and Canal Lake both deserved a short visit, and near the causeway that crosses the lake we discovered one pair of Osprey already occupying a nesting platform. Read more

Osprey At Tommy Thompson Park In Toronto

Osprey At Tommy Thompson Park In Toronto

osprey at tommy thompson park - toronto - ontario 1

Over the summer, Bob and I made numerous trips to Tommy Thompson Park.  It all started when we went to look for Monarch Butterfly larvae.  On one subsequent trip to the Park, we ventured further out on the Spit than usual and were quite pleased to find an Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) perched on a tree stump in the middle of the first large pond. Read more