A Great Horned Owlet with Wanderlust

great horned owlet and adult in nest, markham, ontario

On May 12, Bob and I went to check on the Great Horned Owls’ nest previously observed in a Markham park in Ontario, Canada.  We found the 3-week old Great Horned owlet hunkered down out of sight.  After a few minutes, the owlet appeared over the lip of the nest and looked in our direction.  We were there and gone after 15 minutes. Read more

Eastern Screech Owlet In Rouge National Urban Park

eastern screech owlet, rouge national urban park, toronto

Pandemic Birding had been a whole new experience for Bob and me.  Since the pandemic was officially declared in March 2020, we had made outdoor activities a priority but always kept within a 30-minute radius from our home.  On one such occasion in late May 2020, we happened upon this newly fledged Eastern Screech Owlet. Read more

Great Horned Owl Babies Out Of Their Thickson’s Woods Nest

Great Horned Owl, baby 1, Thicksons Woods, Whitby, Ontario

It had been almost three weeks since Bob and I visited Thickson’s Woods Nature Reserve one spring in Whitby, Ontario.  We were long overdue for monitoring the baby  owls’ next stage of development.  When last at the forest, the Great Horned Owl babies had remained safe in the nest, but on this visit, the nest sat empty.  It took some serious searching in the canopy of pine trees before Bob’s keen eye detected 3 owls perched near the top of one of them…one adult and the two owlets. Read more

Great Horned Owlets In Their Nest In Thickson’s Woods

Great Horned Owlets In Their Nest In Thickson’s Woods

great horned owl chicks and mother in nest -- - thicksons woods - whitby - ontario

Bob and I had not gone out to Thickson’s Woods Nature Reserve, in Whitby, Ontario, for about 5 weeks in the spring of 2013.  Nor had we heard if the babies had hatched, so a visit was in order to check on the status of things.  What a thrill when we sighted two Great Horned Owlets in their nest. Read more