Snowy Owl With Kill On The Ice At Frenchman’s Bay

photograph of a Snowy Owl on the ice at Frenchmans Bay in Pickering, Ontario.

Snowy owl on the ice with kill at Frenchmans Bay in Pickering, Ontario, Canada

The winter of 2014 went down as the year of the Snowy Owl judging by the number of sightings here in Southern and Central Ontario, in Canada.  It seems that every Tom, Dick and Mary has spotted one be it on a fence post, a light standard, the roof of a building, along a hedgerow, in a treetop and even lots of them in flight.  Bob and I caught sight of this Snowy Owl out on the ice at Frenchman’s Bay, on edge of Lake Ontario. Read more

Snowy Owl Sighting At Frenchman’s Bay in Ontario

Snowy Owl sits on icey Frenchman's Bay - Ontario - Canada

After one failed attempt, Bob and I made our way back to the shores of Frenchman’s Bay in Pickering, Ontario, to see if we could spot the Snowy Owl that has been making its stay there during the past winter.  We drove to a little park on the east shore of the bay, and started scanning with our binoculars. Read more