Virginia Opossum Takes A Walk In The Snow

a young Virginia Opossum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

On a wintry day, Bob and I headed to our local Toronto, Ontario, park for some fresh air and a bit of exercise.  As we walked the asphalt trail through a wooded section of the park, I noticed movement off to the side of the walkway.  A young Virginia Opossum had dared to be out of its den during daylight hours! Read more

An Opossum visits my Toronto backyard

opossum heads towards garden - toronto 1

opossum in toronto backyard - 6

On one of the first really warm March days of the season, Bob and I enjoyed a walk to our local park.  We were thrilled to see an Opossum scouting around for some food there amid the snowdrifts, and it reminded us of the three that had visited our own backyard in late December.  We had seen no sign of them since then.  We were no sooner home from the park when a little visitor came calling…a very large Opossum (Didelphimorphia). Read more