Mule Deer along the Grand Canyon South Rim Trail

mule deer, grand canyon national park

Bob and I had been at    Grand Canyon National Park    for a few days, and on top of exploring the phenomenal panoramic sights, we  had also been engrossed in the observation of a variety of bird species.  It was not until the morning of a guided Fossil Hike that we first came upon some Mule Deer.  People wanting to join the hike were to assemble on the canyon-side patio of Bright Angel Lodge, and there, just below the stone wall edging the pathway, a family of Mule Deer was having its breakfast. Read more

Mountain Bluebird We Sighted At Grand Canyon Heliport

mountain bluebird in tree looks to camera, grand canyon heliport, arizona

When Bob and I decided to travel to the Grand Canyon, it was more about seeing the spectacular scenery than anything else, but on our first morning at    Grand Canyon National Park  ,    we had an early morning helicopter flight booked at the local heliport.  When we emerged from our rental car to check in, our birding instincts took over when we spotted a Mountain Bluebird perched in one of the trees at the edge of the parking lot. Read more

Western Bluebird At Grand Canyon National Park

western bluebird, grand canyon national park, arizona, frame to frame bob and jean

After an hour-long guided hike known as a Fossil Walk at    Grand Canyon National Park,    Bob and I were returning to Maswik Lodge for lunch by way of the forested area adjacent to Village Loop Drive and the railway track.  A brilliant blue flash of colour had us both looking up into one of the pine trees where sat perched a male Western Bluebird (Sialia mexicana).

Read more

Tomato Hornworm Moths At Grand Canyon National Park

Tomato Hornworm Moth in flight to Moonflower - Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona

After a full day of activity at    Grand Canyon National Park,    Bob and I were returning late to our room at Maswik Lodge when a flicker of movement drew my eye towards the stunning night-blooming Moonflowers.  We were not the only ones attracted by the glowing white flowers.  Numerous Tomato Hornworm Moths, also known as Five-spotted Hawkmoths,  were circling for a landing. Read more

California Condors At Grand Canyon National Park

California Condor, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, U.S.A.

When Bob and I visited    Grand Canyon National Park  ,    our primary objective was to revel at the overwhelming and impressive scale of the canyon.  Little did we know that our passion for birdwatching would be so richly rewarded both on the South Rim and deep within the canyon, itself.  On one visit to Hopi Point, we were lucky enough to spot one of the two California Condors known to be nesting in a nearby rock face. Read more

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