Our Up-close Encounters in the Birder’s Paradise at Long Point

scarlet tanager, the old cut, long point, ontario

The first trip that Bob and I booked for the sole purpose of birding was to the Birder’s Paradise at Long Point on Lake Erie in Ontario.  Through different facebook groups, we had seen ample evidence of bird sightings at Long Point, and we were eager to check out the area for ourselves. Read more

Nashville Warbler at Hotel Rancho San Cayetano

photograph of a Nashville Warbler along the hiking trail at Hotel Rancho San Cayetano, Zitácuaro, Mexico.

mexNashville Warbler sitting in a tree, Zitacuaro, Mexico

What a pleasure to find a Nashville Warbler lingering in the wooded valley next to our accommodations, Hotel Rancho San Cayetano in Zitacuaro, Mexico.  Our morning walk into the depths of the shady glen was completed more out of curiosity than anything else.  It served as a bit of exercise after a hearty breakfast and pleased our senses with the sights and sounds of tropical plants and surroundings.  The presence of dozens of songbirds was an unexpected bonus. Read more

Tennessee Warbler In My Toronto Backyard

Tennessee Warbler In My Toronto Backyard

tennessee warbler in our toronto backyard

Earlier one spring, Bob and I found ourselves unable to keep up with the bird sightings even in our own backyard.  Such was the case the day I spotted this Tennessee Warbler (Oreothlypis peregrina).  I had been kept busy at the kitchen window that morning, taking photographs of a House Wren and Magnolia Warbler, when another flash of yellow drew my attention to the crabapple tree beside our deck. Read more