Olympic Snowmen In Huntsville – Home of Dara Howell


Olympic Snowmen In Huntsville – Home of Dara Howell

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Baring their souls on a cold winter’s day with nary a thought for their own preservation was this avid team of supporters for our Olympic athletes!  On our recent visit to Huntsville, Ontario, Bob and I came across this assembly of jovial snowmen all revved up in support of the Canadian Olympic Team.  Their animated faces brought a smile to my own lips.

olympic snowman - huntsville ontario

Although the snowmen obviously were built in support of all Team Canada athletes, one competitor, in particular, had the eyes of all Huntsville and area residents glued to the television screens, and that was Dara Howell.  Hailing myself from the Huntsville area, Huntsville High my home school, I, too, was on the edge of my seat the night that Dara performed magic.  A spur of the moment remediation to the team of snowmen required a gold medal to be added in recognition of Dara Howell’s accomplishment.

olympic snowmen - huntsville ontario

While driving along one of Huntsville’s side streets, my attention was suddenly drawn to this massed group of snowy fans that grace the snow-covered lawn of some ardent fan.

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I can only imagine Dara Howell’s face when she sees this cheerful show of support and celebration for her triumphant endeavour.  Dara was born in Huntsville, and at the age of 19, gained worldwide fame as the first ever Gold Medallist in slopestyle skiing.  At the inaugural event for slopestyle at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi , Dara was the first freestyle skier to capture gold in the event.

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These snow fans are mum on the matter, preferring instead to show to every passerby their excitement and jubilation with broad smiles and wide eyes.

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All fans, large and small, joined together in Huntsville on, Friday, February 28,  in a mass rally to welcome Dara home from Sochi and extend congratulations to their newest celebrity.  An anticipated 5,000 people were expected to share in the joy of Dara’s success at River Mill Park.

olympic snowman - huntsville ontario

While the Arctic vortex continues to hold Ontario in its grip, the region’s Arctic temperatures will guarantee that this symbol of Dara’s success will be around for quite some time to come.

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Dara Howell won the Women’s Slopestyle Ski competition on February 11, 2014, scoring 94.20 on her first run.  I don’t know about you, but to witness that first ever Olympic event, to see Dara carry it off with such finesse, gave me great pride and left me feeling warm and fuzzy all over.  The snow fans, on the other hand, had a chill run up their spines.  It was truly awesome.

Frame To Frame –  Bob and Jean