Back in Time: Romantic Skating at Cedarena in Markham, Ontario

cedarena skating rink, cedar grove, markham, ontario

It is with fond memories that Bob and I recall skating on the woodland skating rink called Cedarena.  Nestled into a valley along Little Rouge Creek in what is now Rouge National Urban Park, this skating rink provided the most whimsical experience when visited on a Tuesday evening. Read more

Our cold, wet hike to Fox Glacier in New Zealand

jean at fox glacier, south island, new zealand

When Bob and I stayed in the community of Fox Glacier on New Zealand’s South Island, it made perfect sense to hike into the actual glacier for a look.  On the appointed day, a slight break in the rain encouraged us to set off, but we ended up hiking in cold, wet weather for a view of the ancient blue ice. Read more

Fascinating Ice Formations on Lake Ontario’s Shoreline

ice coated shoreline and trees, lake ontario, ontario, canada, 7

Our winter here in southern Ontario has been a real mixed bag to say the least.  Yoyoing between a series of very warm spells and frigid Arctic air has left us, here in Toronto, with no snow to speak of, and it is now the end of February.  What a surprise then, when Bob and I walked along the shore of Lake Ontario in Whitby, to find the water thick with slab ice and the most fanciful ice formations decorating the shoreline. Read more

Shoreline Ice at Tommy Thompson Park

Shoreline Ice at Tommy Thompson Park

shoreline ice at tommy thompson park, toronto, ontario, 7

On our one and only outing to Tommy Thompson Park this past winter, Bob and I felt like kids let out of school for the summer.  It was a pleasantly warm, sunny day…typical March weather with a persistent wind out of the north that threatened to chill us to the bone if it weren’t for the strong rays of the sun beating down on our backs.  Still, winter had its icy grip on Toronto’s lakeshore. Read more

Snowshoeing On Lake Agnes Trail To Big Beehive

Jean snowshoeing on the Lake Agnes Trail at Banff National Park, in Alberta, Canada

During our stay at Banff National Park, not a day passed without a dump of fresh snow.  Either we awoke in the morning to an additional 6 inches weighing down the trees, or snow fell so thickly when skiing that we could barely see which way to go.  One afternoon, owing to the lack of freshly trackset cross-country ski trails, Bob and I opted to go snowshoeing up into the mountains following the Lake Agnes Trail from Lake Louise. Read more

Olympic Snowmen In Huntsville – Home of Dara Howell

Olympic Snowmen In Huntsville – Home of Dara Howell

olympic snowmen - huntsville ontario 2

Baring their souls on a cold winter’s day with nary a thought for their own preservation was this avid team of supporters for our Olympic athletes!  On our recent visit to Huntsville, Ontario, Bob and I came across this assembly of jovial snowmen all revved up in support of the Canadian Olympic Team.  Their animated faces brought a smile to my own lips. Read more

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