Mosaiculture 2018, an artful garden in Gatineau, Quebec

Mosaiculture 2018, an artful garden in Gatineau, Quebec

jean, mosaiculture 2018, gatineau, quebec, canada

Since the inception of a Mosaiculture Competition/Exhibition back in 1998, Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal has launched 5 competitions and 6 exhibitions worldwide.  We have been fortunate enough to visit two of these, Mosaiculture 2018 in Gatineau, Read more


Driving the Ring of Kerry in Ireland

killarney lakes, killarney national park, ireland

When Bob and I set off from Killarney to drive the famed Ring of Kerry route, technically, we had already seen a section of it the previous afternoon when we arrived there in Killarney National Park.  Thankfully, glorious sunshine had provided us with spectacular views of the Killarney Lakes. Read more

Traveling Down Memory Lane – Notre Dame Cathedral, the symbol of Paris

notre dame cathedral, paris, france

Our tour of the French countryside provided respite from our first few days in the bustling urban environment of Paris, but soon enough, it was back to the City of Light before returning to Canada.  I won’t say that we saved the best for last, but our final sightseeing did include a visit to famous Notre Dame Cathedral, an evening spent at Moulin Rouge, and a romantic boat cruise on the Seine River. Read more

Traveling Down Memory Lane – Charmed by Tintagel on the Coast of Cornwall

street scene, tintagel, cornwall, england

It was a damp and dreary afternoon when Bob, our son and I arrived in Tintagel, but our despair was fleeting.  Lush plantings along main street soon put smiles on our faces.  Gardens held back by drystone walls were overflowing with flowers and bursting with rich colour.  What a welcome sight! Read more

The Cinque Terre Grape Harvest by Monorail Amazed Us

The Cinque Terre Grape Harvest by Monorail Amazed Us

cogwheel railway, cinque terre, italy

As Bob and I motored our way through Cinque Terre, we marveled at the vast mountainsides transformed into arable terraces filled with vineyards.  It was hard to comprehend how grapes harvested at the bottom of the slopes could be transported up to the top until we came upon a grower operating a monorail train for just that purpose. Read more

Our walk among the whimsical limestone Elephant Rocks

Our walk among the whimsical limestone Elephant Rocks

elephant rocks, duntroon, south island, new zealand

From Oamaru, Bob and I made plans to visit the Elephant Rocks near Duntroon, some interesting limestone formations that were made famous by their appearance in the fantasy film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Read more

Traveling down memory lane: A moment in the City God Temple of Shanghai

Traveling down memory lane: A moment in the City God Temple of Shanghai

People conduct ceremonies of worship inside the City God Temple of Shanghai, in China.

In 2006, Bob traveled to Shanghai, China, and during that trip, he took time to visit the City God Temple of Shanghai.  As Bob discovered, the ceremonies of worshiping the City God of Shanghai is a solemn and dignified event.

Read more

The Eglinton River Valley abloom with Russell Lupins in New Zealand

russell lupins, eglinton river valley, fiordland national park, new zealand

While staying for a few days in Te Anau on the South Island, Bob and I made frequent trips into Fiordland National Park.  Panoramic views of the landscape were spectacular and in places made even more beautiful by broad swaths of Russell Lupins that grow in abundance there. Read more

Hiking in the barren desert of Newfoundland’s Tablelands

winter house brook canyon, the tablelands, newfoundland, canada

Located in Gros Morne National Park, The Tablelands in Newfoundland are actually a section of the Appalachian Mountains that was once molded by glacial ice into a flat-topped plateau now called the Long Range Mountains.  It is a unique geological landscape often compared to that of the planet Mars. Read more

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