December 7, 2022

A Moose cow and calf in Algonquin Park

moose cow with her calf in algonquin park - ontario 5

Bob and I were visiting my parents at Oxtongue Lake near Algonquin Provincial Park one summer, and we decided to take a drive into the park to check on the progress of the wild blueberry crop.  At one of the beaver ponds along Highway 60 where moose are known to frequent, we spotted this big Moose cow and calf beside the roadway.

moose cow with her calf in algonquin park - ontario 2

In the generous spot provided for cars to pull over, we made a stop just to observe the pair for a few minutes.  At first, the calf was hidden by the depth of shrubs and marsh plants.  It was my mom and dad, who were observing with binoculars from the car, that caught sight of the calf’s movement before we did.

moose cow with her calf in algonquin park - ontario 6

Despite being a good distance from the end of the swamp where the Moose cow and calf were browsing, we could not elude detection.  They had no problem recognizing our presence and zeroing in on our location.  Although a moose’s eyesight is very poor, they have exceptional hearing and sense of smell.  We were quite the distraction for this cow who was concerned about her calf’s welfare.

moose cow with her calf in algonquin park - ontario 4

Because of the wet, cool spring and summer weather in Ontario this year, the blackfly and mosquito populations were thriving.  This Moose cow and calf, besides eating aquatic plants at the edge of the beaver pond, would be quick to wade into the water to cool down or to rid themselves of the blackflies that pestered them while swarming all over their bodies.

moose cow with her calf in algonquin park - ontario

Even though Bob and I deported ourselves calmly and spoke in hushed tones, the cow Moose was having none of it.  Being mid-morning, she and her calf probably had been munching the plants for quite some time already…

moose cow with her calf in algonquin park - ontario 3

and having had their fill, the cow decided to take leave of the open edge of the marsh and seek better cover in the nearby forest.  The calf was right behind its mother following in the cow’s footsteps.  Within seconds, they disappeared from view.  Now if only we could catch up with a Bull Moose, Bob and I would be very happy.  Maybe next time…

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