Bull Moose In Algonquin Provincial Park

Of course, when Bob and I visit Algonquin Provincial Park, we are always hoping to see a Moose. Not just any Moose but a bull Moose with a big rack is the desired creature! Well, we did get our wish albeit distant views of said beast on a recent damp, dreary and dark morning. We counted ourselves very lucky because one cannot be guaranteed of seeing a Moose despite the many sightings reported by other people. Read more

Exploring Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula

southeast brook falls, newfoundland

Before leaving the area around Rocky Harbour, and heading up the Great Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland, there were a couple of additional trails calling our names.  Near Lomond, Southeast Brook Falls required a short hike through a balsam fir and white birch forest. Read more

Wind-whipped on Green Gardens Trail, Gros Morne National Park

green gardens trail, gros morne national park, newfoundland

Bob and I had been told that the Green Gardens Trail was one of the most popular hikes in Gros Morne National Park largely because it highlights the contrasting landscapes of the Park.  Although we had already hiked the Gros Morne Mountain Trail and explored the Tablelands, we were keen to see the “green gardens” that stretch to the coast of Newfoundland near Bonne Bay. Read more

Baby Moose With Its Mother In Algonquin Park

photograph of a baby moose in Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario

baby moose looks towards camera, algonquin park, ontario

On a rainy, cool day in mid-June, Bob and I found ourselves at Oxtongue Lake ahead of schedule, so we decided to take a spin into Algonquin Provincial Park on the off chance that we might spot a bull Moose.  No bull presented itself at roadside, but this darling baby moose with its mother was on the crest of a knoll enjoying a respite from the hordes of blackflies deeper in the forest. Read more

Cow Moose And Calf Ready For Winter In Algonquin

photograph of a moose cow and calf in the winter in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario.

calf and cow moose in algonquin park_ontario 6

When we drive through Algonquin Provincial Park or take the time to hike one of the many trails through the forest there, we never know what marvelous birds or animals may cross our paths.  Many times, it is only the superb scenery that is to be enjoyed, and the peace and solitude of the Park’s backwoods.  Other times, wildlife, such as this Cow Moose and Calf, will come right out to the highway corridor where it is far easier to browse than among the tangle of fallen trees in the dense forest. Read more

A Moose cow and calf in Algonquin Park

A Moose cow and calf in Algonquin Park

moose cow with her calf in algonquin park - ontario 5

Bob and I were visiting my parents at Oxtongue Lake near Algonquin Provincial Park one summer, and we decided to take a drive into the park to check on the progress of the wild blueberry crop.  At one of the beaver ponds along Highway 60 where moose are known to frequent, we spotted this big Moose cow and calf beside the roadway. Read more

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