Bull Moose In Algonquin Provincial Park

Of course, when Bob and I visit Algonquin Provincial Park, we are always hoping to see a Moose. Not just any Moose but a bull Moose with a big rack is the desired creature! Well, we did get our wish albeit distant views of said beast on a recent damp, dreary and dark morning. We counted ourselves very lucky because one cannot be guaranteed of seeing a Moose despite the many sightings reported by other people.

This is the same location on a sunny day. The bull Moose we photographed had been in the pocket of deep shadow at the back of this wetland two days earlier.

As we rounded a bend in Highway 60, a trio of cars pulled off on the shoulder had me unbuckling my seat belt as fast as I could to disembark for whatever was capturing the peoples’ interest.

We quickly realized that there was a Moose, but it was already heading back towards the edge of the tree cover.

An audible sigh of relief escaped both Bob’s and my lips when the bull Moose had a change of heart and turned towards the side of the wetland.

The noise of logging trucks and transport trucks alarmed the Moose causing it to hasten towards the safety of the bush.

Our fingers were busy, busy snapping photos until the Moose entered the tree line.

This was the only bull Moose we saw over the course of a week. We were always in the wrong place at the wrong time for the other reported sightings.


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