Mr. Peanut The Hot Air Balloon comes to town

Mr. Peanut The Hot Air Balloon comes to town

mr peanut hot air balloon in toronto, ontario

Our morning started out rather ordinary with the sun shining brightly and fluffy clouds floating across the sky.  Wait!  What’s that?  What the heck!


Something big and yellow is also drifting across the sky.  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, it’s Mr. Peanut The Hot Air Balloon!


Talk about a jolt to the system.  I spotted Mr. Peanut soaring on high from the bedroom window just as I began to type out my morning email.  Any closer and it would have given me a start.


I called Bob up to snap a few quick photos, then we realized that Mr. Peanut was changing direction, so we ran outside to capture a few more images…me in my pajamas of all things.



Planters Mr. Peanut stands 12 storeys high, or 135 feet, so when it landed in our neighborhood park here in Toronto, Goldhawk Park, it drew a lot of attention where it sat on the north soccer field.


I hastily dressed and ran over to the park just in time to see the balloon land.  Mr. Peanut looked dapper against the metal-grey sky, but brilliant sunshine matched his cheerful countenance.


What a great way to start the day with a burst of exercise on a warm autumn morning.  At least one hour was lost to the frivolity.


We had a good chat with the captain, Ernie Lee, and his ground crew and flight assistants,


before Mr. Peanut got packed up, and I  got on with my day.

Frame To Frame – Bob and Jean


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