Message in a Bottle Update from Markham, Ontario

A message in a bottle in Markham, Ontario

Message sits inside a bottle

A little less than a year ago, Bob and I came across a mysterious message in a bottle at Milne Dam Conservation Area in Markham, Ontario.  Languishing in the high-water debris of Milne Pond, the well-stoppered bottle with a remarkably in tact wax seal was just waiting for someone to rescue it from almost certain obscurity. Read more

Message In A Bottle Found On Rouge River – Who Wrote It?

Message In A Bottle Found On Rouge River – Who Wrote It?

Message in a bottle on shore of Rouge River - Markham - Ontario

Late one fall, Bob and I were out looking for a reported Great Horned Owl in the forest along the east shore of the Rouge River in Markham, Ontario, when we came upon a bottle lying along the shore’s edge.  This bottle caught our eye because we could clearly see that it had a message inside.  Whoever set this bottle afloat made sure it was watertight and waterproof.  Although not swept out to sea, this letter was set adrift by the messenger with hopes that it would be found someday on Markham’s Rouge River.  And indeed, it has been found!! Read more