Juvenile Bald Eagle in Ajax, Ontario

Juvenile bald eagle sitting in a tree in Ajax, Ontario

It was so exciting to learn about a juvenile Bald Eagle that had been sighted along the shore of Lake Ontario in Ajax, Ontario.  Being tied up with fall chores around our property, we had to wait a good couple of weeks before having the chance to go and look for it and were relieved to find that it was still hanging around the same area as reported. Read more

Orchard Orioles nesting in Ajax, Ontario

Orchard Orioles Nesting in Ajax, Ontario

Orchard Oriole, male, sitting in a tree in Ajax, Ontario, Canada

On a recent day spent cycling along the Waterfront Trail from Scarborough to Ajax, Ontario, Bob and I drew up at a picnic table to have our lunch and rest in the shade.  There was lots of bird activity in the thickets of sumac, deciduous trees and shrubs that dotted the wide open space of the trail-side park.  When Bob spotted a red and black bird, it took us a few minutes to identify it as an Orchard Oriole (Icterus spurius), a Lifer for us. Read more