Hundreds of Sandhill Cranes in Ontario.

sandhill cranes in flight over kawartha lakes in ontario, canada

On a bright, sunny Saturday in mid-October, Bob and I decided to make a trip to the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario.  A fellow birder had reported groups of Sandhill Cranes in that vicinity where corn fields had recently been harvested.  At first, we were afraid the drive would be all for naught, but in the end, we located close to 200 of these elegant birds. Read more

Fall Colors In Algonquin Park 2014

image of fall colors in algonquin Park

fall colors in algonquin park - fall 2014 pic 28

Come join me on a virtual tour of the magnificent Fall Colours In Algonquin Park this past autumn.  Even before we entered the Park, the show of coloured foliage took our breath away.  At the boundary of the Park is Park Lake, known to many as Long Lake, and as we passed that way, stretching before us was this tantalizing stretch of highway lined with trees dressed for the season. Read more

Fall Colors at Algonquin Park and Oxtongue Lake 2012

fall colors, dorset tower view, ontario, pic 1

We took a drive up from Toronto, Ontario on October 1, 2012, to checkout the fall colors in the Algonquin Park and Oxtongue Lake areas.  From atop the Dorset tower, the view of the color sure proved the drive worthwhile.  According to the local people with whom we spoke,  this was the best fall color seen in this area in 10 years. Read more