Stepping Back In Time at the Irish National Heritage Park

a Crannog on a man-made island at Irish National Heritage Park, Ireland

The Irish National Heritage Park near Ferrycarig, County Wexford, Ireland, is an open-air museum that explores the world of Ireland’s cultural history in a beautiful natural setting.  As Bob and I traveled across Ireland, we were constantly reminded of its more recent past in the ruins and castles that we saw, but for an understanding of history dating back to prehistoric times, we had come to this 35-acre Park. Read more

Traveling Down Memory Lane – Salisbury Cathedral in England

Salisbury Cathedral in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

It was with notions of mystery and intrigue, memories of historical facts and a sense of spiritual respect that Bob, our son and I headed to Salisbury Cathedral.  After recently reading Sarum and Pillars of the Earth, we could hardly wait to set eyes upon this magnificent cathedral whose spire has dominated the Wiltshire skyline in rural England since 1320.  We were in awe! Read more

Our Visit to the Pyramids of San Felipe de los Alzati

pyramids of san felipe de los alzati, zitacuaro, mexico

Two butterfly reserves down and one to go, so Bob and I decided to give it a break and check out the local pyramids.  We were becoming quite familiar with Highway 15 being the main road in and out of Zitacuaro, and again we were headed northwest, this time in the direction of Tuxpan, Mexico.  Our goal was the Pyramids of San Felipe de los Alzati just outside a small village of the same name.  Long before we uncovered the secret trail to the pyramids, we saw them looming on a distant hill. Read more

Arc de Triomphe One Of The Great Things To See In Paris

An image of the Le Triomphe of 1810 sculpture on a pillar of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.

An image of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.

Without a doubt, we have all seen endless pictures of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.  Similarly, it is probably one of the most popular sights to be both visited and filmed in Paris.  But I have got to tell you that, when Bob and I emerged onto the surface from Le Métro subway stop, the sheer enormity of the Arc de Triomphe and its ownership of the landscape literally brought tears to my eyes.  Standing across the street from it, I just stood there amazed, very moved, and in awe. Read more

Our Walk Through History In Paris

La Madeleine Church at the end of Rue Royale

Bob and I began our second day in Paris, France, with a visit to the Roman Catholic church La Madeleine located at the very top of rue Royale.  With its massive Corinthian columns, La Madeleine Church occupies a commanding position at the end of the street, and I remember being awed when I first caught sight of it.  This church has a very interesting history. Read more