Winged Jewels, The World of Butterflies at Ecocentro Danaus, Costa Rica

jean at ecocentro danaus, costa rica

Day 2 in Costa Rica had us first completing a very early morning guided bird hike.  After breakfast back at Hotel Kokoro, Bob and I headed to Ecocentro Danaus on the edge of La Fortuna.  It is a private reserve with a butterfly conservatory where Bob and I hoped to see some of Costa Rica’s tiny winged jewels. Read more


Butterflies and Moths we sighted at our retreat in Tuscany.

Butterflies and Moths we sighted at our retreat in Tuscany

Stone cottage at Il Colombaio di Cencio, Tuscany

The morning following our arrival in Tuscany at first looked like it would be dreary and wet.  A light sprinkle of rain dampened the patio stones as we ate breakfast, but by the time we finished our fruit and cereal, warm September sunshine cast shadows of the tall trees surrounding our farmhouse, so we set off to explore the vineyard.  Butterflies and moths were everywhere in our dooryard, on the wildflowers and clinging to bushes and vines. Read more

A Snowberry Clearwing Moth enjoys Fragrant Phlox

A Snowberry Clearwing Moth enjoys Fragrant Phlox


For the second visit in a row at my mom’s place, a tour of the gardens was in order, and both times found me without the camera that usually hangs around my neck.  A mad dash to the house to alert Bob and to grab my camera had me ready to photograph this stunning Snowberry Clearwing Moth as it flitted from flower to flower. Read more

Dog-day Cicadas mating in the heat of summer

Dog-day Cicadas Mating in the heat of summer

mating cicadas in toronto, ontario

On a recent sultry summer day here in Toronto, Ontario, I went out to the garden to tend to some chores.  Imagine my surprise, as I bent to the task of deadheading my Gaillardia, when something clipped the side of my head.  Seconds later, I noticed a pair of Dog-Day Cicadas mating where they lay on the pavement of the street. Read more

Green Metallic Bees In My Toronto Flower Garden

Green Metallic Bees In My Toronto Flower Garden

green metallic bee collects pollen - toronto - ontario 8

One gloriously sunny morning this past summer, I was taking my time in the garden with teacup in hand.  That was soon replaced by my camera when I spotted some interesting insects on the False Sunflowers (Heliopsis helianthoides “Ballerina”).  One such bug that I had never noticed before was this Virescent Green Metallic Bee (Agapostemon virescens) of the Halictid Family. Read more