Hiking the Valley of 1000 Devils Route, Grasslands National Park East Block

badlands, grasslands national park east block, saskatchewan

After our flight from Toronto to Regina, Bob and I drove directly to Grasslands National Park near the southern border of Saskatchewan.  We were determined to complete a hike in the East Block of this Park and opted to do the Valley of 1000 Devils Route before traveling further west to Val Marie on the edge of the Park’s West Block. Read more

A Melanistic Eastern Garter Snake at Long Point in Ontario

melanistic eastern garter snake, crown marsh, long point, ontario

After several hours of bird watching at Long Point Bird Observatory in Ontario, Bob and I decided to check out another location, Crown Marsh, before heading off for dinner.  A lengthy walk there on Long Point Trail 6 had us coming across this substantial Melanistic Eastern Garter Snake. Read more

Our Stay on Quirpon Island in Newfoundland

quirpon lighthouse inn, quirpon island, newfoundland, canada

Our Stay on Quirpon Island in Newfoundland

quirpon lighthouse inn and cottage, quirpon island, newfoundland

Our stay at the Quirpon Lighthouse Inn on Quirpon Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, promised a unique and fascinating experience.  The location is well written up as one of the five most remote and harshest places to visit and to stay anywhere in the world.  Right there, we were hooked on the idea! Read more

Our encounters with Cape Giraffe in Kruger National Park

An image of a mother giraffe with its baby giraffe in Kruger National Park in South Africa. Photography by Frame To Frame - Bob and Jean.

An image of a giraffe in Kruger National Park in South Africa. Photography by Frame To Frame - Bob and Jean.

One of my favourite animals seen when visiting South Africa was the tall, elegant South African Giraffe.  Also known as the Cape Giraffe, Bob and I came across these gentle giants on several occasions as we toured Kruger National Park, and it was always a pleasure to sit and observe them. Read more

A Blanding’s Turtle one of our best encounters at the Carden Alvar

blandings turtle, carden alvar, city of kawartha lakes, ontario, pic 15

Bob and I had been looking forward to getting up to the Carden Alvar for at least a couple of years.  Our schedule and family commitments just did not allow us the opportunity until this May.  I was filled with excitement at the prospect of seeing a number of early spring migrants and birds that favour the specialized habitat of the alvar plain, so it came as a pleasant surprise to also come across a rare Blanding’s Turtle. Read more

Desert Spiny Lizard Beneath The Grass In Monument Valley

desert spiny lizard, female, monument valley, utah, U

Desert spiny lizard in Monument Valley in Arizona, USA

At the end of a very rewarding afternoon that had Bob and I enthralled with the cave dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, we had to return to our base lodgings at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.  The drive took us right past Monument Valley on the border of Utah and Arizona, so we couldn’t pass up seeing the famous landmarks located there.  That is where we came upon this female Desert Spiny Lizard. Read more

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