Our Visit to the Pyramids of San Felipe de los Alzati

pyramids of san felipe de los alzati, zitacuaro, mexico

Two butterfly reserves down and one to go, so Bob and I decided to give it a break and check out the local pyramids.  We were becoming quite familiar with Highway 15 being the main road in and out of Zitacuaro, and again we were headed northwest, this time in the direction of Tuxpan, Mexico.  Our goal was the Pyramids of San Felipe de los Alzati just outside a small village of the same name.  Long before we uncovered the secret trail to the pyramids, we saw them looming on a distant hill. Read more

In the Midst of Monarch Butterflies at Sierra Chincua Sanctuary

Monarch butterflies on a fir bough at Sierra Chincua Butterfly Sanctuary near Angangueo, Mexico

There are eight butterfly colonies that exist in protected areas of Mexico, five of which are located in the state of Michoacan, but only two of these are open to the public.  We wanted to check out both for the different experiences that they provide.  On Day 4 of our trip, we retraced the route towards Angangueo and then branched off towards the Sierra Chincua Butterfly Reserve.  Although smaller in scope, with fewer butterflies overall, we were actually able to get closer to those resting in the trees. Read more