A Groundhog explores the marsh at Milliken Park


A Groundhog explores the marsh at Milliken Park

groundhog looks to camera in milliken park_toronto_ontario 1

On a spring day, Bob and I visited Milliken Park, in Toronto, to see what’s new.  In light of all the migrating birds returning from the south, we thought perhaps we might spot some warblers or sparrows.  Instead, Bob observed an Opossum scurrying for its den just as a heavy downpour descended upon us, while I was witness to a Groundhog (Marmota monax) dashing across an open expanse of grass and then taking cover in thick underbrush. Read more

An Opossum Enjoys A Sunny Winter Day

possum sitting under a tree - toronto park

Finally getting a break in the frigid winter weather, Bob and I seized the opportunity for a walk in the brilliant March sunshine at Milliken Park, in Toronto, Ontario.  It seems we were not the only ones taking advantage of the warmer temperatures.  An Opossum was out strolling  atop the deep snow, on the search for something to eat. Read more

A White and Grey Rabbit in Toronto’s Milliken Park

A White and Grey Rabbit in Toronto’s Milliken Park

White and grey rabbit - looks at me - Milliken Park - Toronto - Ontario

On a recent walkabout in Milliken Park, in Toronto,  Bob and I were surprised to see, hopping about the lawns and gardens, an unusual looking rabbit.  Unlike our common Cottontail Rabbit, this rabbit was white with a smokey grey snout and a grey wash on its hind quarters.  Could it be that someone’s pet escaped and is now making the park its home?  Or is it possible that someone released their pet for no longer wanting to care for it? Read more

Northern Saw-Whet Owl We Sighted In Toronto

Northern Saw-Whet Owl sitting in tree in Toronto park, Ontario, Canada

Bob and I went for a walk one afternoon in Milliken Park, here in Toronto, Ontario,  and by chance, we spotted a Northern Saw-Whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus) at rest in the thick brush.  I had never seen an owl in the wild before, and certainly not one in such close proximity.  We have frequented this park for years, and this was the first time we were lucky enough to catch sight of an owl. Read more

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