Rock Squirrels at Grand Canyon National Park

rock squirrel on the south rim at grand canyon national park, arizona

Like in our own cities, conservation areas and parks here in Canada, squirrels are a common sight if not a nuisance at times, but we still love having them around.   The same can be said for the Rock Squirrels at    Grand Canyon National Park  .     The rodents are so plentiful and fun to see but still the Park’s staff warn visitors to be on the lookout for their bold behaviour! Read more

Red and Grey Squirrels in Canada and Ireland

red squirrel with weird ears

Many different types of animals live in the forests of Ontario, but size aside, you most certainly will come upon the smallest four-legged animals that call the forests of Ontario home.  Those would be squirrels.  This chipmunk is a member of the squirrel family, and this little guy lives in the trees around my parents’ home at Oxtongue Lake, in Ontario.  Read more