White-throated Sparrows in our Toronto backyard

White-throated Sparrows in our Toronto backyard

white-throated sparrow, toronto, ontario

Our backyard was a beehive of activity all spring long with many migrating birds choosing to stop by for refreshment and food.  Several pairs of White-throated Sparrows (Zonotrichia albicollis) seemed to find our property quite attractive for they stayed around for almost three weeks. Read more

Bevy of Migrating Birds Visits Oxtongue Lake

purple finch on tree - oxtongue lake - ontario

In the spring of 2013, while communities floundered under the worst spring flooding ever, song birds were flocking to Oxtongue Lake as part of their seasonal migration.  What a pleasure it was to see migrating birds such as Purple Finches visiting my dad’s bird feeder just outside the patio door. Read more