Cow Moose And Calf Ready For Winter In Algonquin

photograph of a moose cow and calf in the winter in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario.

calf and cow moose in algonquin park_ontario 6

When we drive through Algonquin Provincial Park or take the time to hike one of the many trails through the forest there, we never know what marvelous birds or animals may cross our paths.  Many times, it is only the superb scenery that is to be enjoyed, and the peace and solitude of the Park’s backwoods.  Other times, wildlife, such as this Cow Moose and Calf, will come right out to the highway corridor where it is far easier to browse than among the tangle of fallen trees in the dense forest. Read more

Red Foxes Wintering In Snowy Algonquin Provincial Park

red fox in algonquin park - november 2014 pic 6

Late in the fall one year, Bob and I visited Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario, and with the early snowfall received in the area, the Park was totally transformed from even a couple of weeks before.  As we made our way around the Park in search of wildlife, we could not resist the temptation to revisit the home range of a couple of Red Foxes known to many people.  The resident Foxes were out and about and seemed all that much more beautiful given the white canvas that accentuated their rich red coat of winter fur. Read more

X-Cross Skiing At Lake Louise

pipestone ski trail winter - banff national park 4

On our second day of X-country skiing at Banff National Park , Bob and I had decided on the Pipestone Trail system and were planning on tackling a trail of moderate difficulty for our second ski of the season.  The extreme conditions forced us to opt for one of the easy trails instead. Read more

Redhead Ducks In Toronto Harbour

redhead duck, toronto harbour, ontario

One of the highlights of our winter day trip aboard a Toronto Island Ferry to Ward’s Island, one of 13 islands in Toronto Harbour, was seeing a real proliferation of ducks, some of which were wintering in Southern Ontario from the Arctic.  One such species was the striking Redhead Duck (Aythya americana). Read more

Elk In A Snowy Meadow Near Lake Louise

elk sitting on snow near lake louise 2

One afternoon during our stay in Banff National Park, Alberta, Bob and I decided to take a drive from Lake Louise along the Bow Valley Parkway, a quieter highway than the Trans Canada, only two-lane versus four.  We were in hopes of spotting some wildlife and were on the lookout for elk in particular.  Seeing another vehicle pulled to the side of the road, we slowed to have a look.  At first, we didn’t notice the Elk laying in the snow but rather thought the tourists were admiring yet another beautiful mountain peak. Read more

Ice Climbing In Johnston Canyon At Banff

ice climbing in johnston canyon - banff 5

While visiting Banff National Park,  Bob and I learned of a hiking trail at Johnston Canyon that promised views of frozen waterfalls after traversing the length of a deep river gorge beneath sheer canyon walls.  We knew the experience would be right up our alley.  What we did not anticipate was finding a group of ice climbers actively ice climbing the frozen waters of the Upper Falls. Read more

Magical Ice Skating On Ward’s Island Lagoon in Toronto

Magical Ice Skating On Ward’s Island Lagoon in Toronto

putting on skates at lagoon skating rink - ward's island - toronto

One of our objectives when visiting Ward’s Island was to go ice skating on Lake Ontario!  We had heard from a friend, a long-time resident on the Toronto Islands, that, over the years, rare opportunities had arisen when people could actually skate around sections of Toronto Harbour and perhaps, more dependably, on the ice of the frozen lagoons.  Those occasions have been few and far between. Read more

Playing The Street Piano On Ward’s Island

Playing The Street Piano On Ward’s Island

Jean plays the street piano at Ward's Island Ferry Terminal in Toronto, Ontario

Before winter draws to a close, Bob and I wanted to make a visit to Ward’s Island in Toronto Harbour.  With the coldest winter in years still embracing Ontario, we set off on the ferry at the bottom of Bay Street for the 10-minute ride across the frozen harbour.  I think it took a bit longer since the vessel had to cut through a thick veneer of ice.  Once on the island, and near the pier, I found a Street Piano. Read more

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