An Eastern Comma Butterfly at Tommy Thompson Park

eastern comma butterfly, tommy thompson park, toronto 6

An Eastern Comma Butterfly (Polygonia comma) was the icing on the cake for Bob’s and my bicycle tour around Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto, Ontario one Sunday.  Eager to check out the construction of new cells along the eastern perimeter of the Leslie Street Spit, we had embarked on a day-long circuitous route around the man-made peninsula in the hopes of seeing some shorebirds in the dwindling amount of water in the huge holes. Read more

A Great Blue Heron along Algonquin Park’s Mizzy Lake Trail

great blue heron along mizzy lake trail - algonquin park - ontario pic 2

Because Mizzy Lake Trail in Algonquin Park, in Ontario, visits so many small lakes and ponds, there are ample opportunities along its length to spot wildlife including a variety of waterfowl.  One such bird to catch our eye was a Great Blue Heron that was skulking along the edge of a wetland adjacent to the old railway bed upon which a section of the trail is built. Read more

Our visit to Pinnacle Rock in Mpumalanga, South Africa

pinnacle rock, graskop, mpumalanga, south africa 3

On our first full day in Sabie, South Africa, a drive north of the town to investigate Blyde River Canyon had us putting three landmarks on our list of things to see.  The first one up was The Pinnacle Rock.  This massive freestanding rock towers over the deep ravine carved by the Ngwaritsane River. Read more

A baby moose with its mother in Algonquin Park

baby moose looks towards camera,  algonquin park, ontario

On a rainy, cool day in mid-June, Bob and I found ourselves at Oxtongue Lake ahead of schedule, so we decided to take a spin into Algonquin Provincial Park on the off chance that we might spot a bull Moose.  No bull presented itself at roadside, but this darling calf with its mother was on the crest of a knoll enjoying a respite from the hordes of blackflies deeper in the forest. Read more

Red fox kits with their mother in Algonquin Park

red fox kits, algonquin park, ontario, pic 4

On a whim, at the end of May, Bob and I decided to organize a short stay in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, on the heels of another commitment that took us to the area.  We opted to book a yurt at the Mew Lake Campground, never having experienced that type of camping before, and spent three glorious days scouting out birds and wildlife.  What a thrill to have the opportunity of photographing 4 Red Fox kits (Vulpes vulpes) that were only about 4 weeks old. Read more

Our Travels to South Africa

zebra and giraffe, south african

After tucking several years of travel experience under our belts, Bob and I made plans for a self-guided tour of South Africa where we would complete a circular route taking us from Johannesburg, through Swaziland, along the Indian Ocean, across the Kalahari Desert and back to our starting point.  It was an awesome trip that we will never forget!! Read more

Mink hunting fish on Lake Ontario shoreline

mink, lake ontario, rouge national park, toronto, 9

After a spate of hot, humid weather, Bob and I seized the first day of below-seasonal temperatures to go cycling in Toronto.  While cruising along the Lake Ontario shoreline at the bottom of Rouge National Urban Park, we spotted an American Mink (Neovison vison) loping along the rocky shore with a floppy fish dangling from its mouth. Read more

Wood Duck and ducklings at Rouge Park

wood duck -female -with babies at rouge national  urban park - toronto

On Father’s Day, my family teamed up for a hike in Rouge Park, in Toronto, Ontario.  For a change of scenery, my brother-in-law suggested a section of trail new to us, beginning just off of Meadowvale Road at the Rouge Valley Conservation Centre.  It was towards the end of our day’s explorations that we came upon a female Wood Duck (Aix sponsa) and several ducklings at the ponds along the Cedar Trail. Read more

Dunluce Castle a renowned ruins in Northern Ireland

dunluce castle, northern ireland, pic 1

After waking up to a damp and foggy morning, Bob and I postponed our plans to drive directly to the Giant’s Causeway, in Northern Ireland.  We thought a tour of the Bushmills Distillery would provide a great distraction while we waited for the skies to clear and that it would brace us for the day ahead, but frequent stops to take in the daunting sights along the Causeway Coast caused a substantial delay.  On one headland of that inspirational coastline, we discovered the dramatic ruins of Dunluce Castle. Read more

Red-necked Grebes at Colonel Samuel Smith Park

red-necked grebe, with egg on the nest, colonel samuel smith park, etobicoke, ontario

On one of our spring birdwatching excursions, Bob and I dropped by Colonel Samuel Smith Park in Etobicoke.  The favorable habitat of this urban park attracts many species of migrating warblers, and it often rewards us with sightings of shorebirds.  On this particular day, it was a nesting pair of Red-necked Grebes (Podiceps grisegena) that stole our hearts. Read more

Great Horned Owlets at Second Marsh, Oshawa, Ontario

great horned owl and owlet, second marsh, oshawa, ontario,

For a change of scenery at the end of a week of birdwatching in parks around Toronto, Bob and I decided to pay a visit to Second Marsh in Oshawa.  Our goal was to seek some of the migrating waterfowl that were moving through this area of southern Ontario.  It came as a surprise to come upon a Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) and two Great Horned Owlets in the same neck of the woods. Read more

Our visit to Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge in Northern Ireland

carrick-a-rede rope bridge, northern ireland 3

When visiting Northern Ireland, Bob and I spent the early part of one afternoon exploring Giant’s Causeway before we ventured a little further along the coast to Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, an attraction that would test our resolve and sense of balance. Read more

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