We loved visiting Paris in the Spring

Pantheon dome on the left in a sea of Paris domes

Paris downtown - hazy morning

There are few places on the planet that Bob and I have visited that can compare to Paris In The Spring.  And even as our picture illustrates, it does get cloudy in that City of Light.  Paris is a city where time seems to stand still, and as you walk its streets, hills and riverside, the past and present seem to meld into one. Read more

Message In A Bottle Found On Rouge River – Who Wrote It?


Message In A Bottle Found On Rouge River – Who Wrote It?

Message in a bottle on shore of Rouge River - Markham - Ontario

Late one fall, Bob and I were out looking for a reported Great Horned Owl in the forest along the east shore of the Rouge River in Markham, Ontario, when we came upon a bottle lying along the shore’s edge.  This bottle caught our eye because we could clearly see that it had a message inside.  Whoever set this bottle afloat made sure it was watertight and waterproof.  Although not swept out to sea, this letter was set adrift by the messenger with hopes that it would be found someday on Markham’s Rouge River.  And indeed, it has been found!! Read more

Our tour of Cusco the former capital of the Inca Empire

steep steps in Cusco

cusco, peru

After finishing our adventure into the Amazon, Bob and I  flew back to Cusco, the former Inca capital in Peru.  After getting checked into our hotel, we walked over to the Plaza de Armas, which is featured in the centre of this photo.  This square, seen here surrounded by various different church steeples, was once the hub of the Inca Empire.  It was here in this mountain valley, in the exact middle of Plaza de Armas, that the Inca people believed that the centre of the universe and all power on earth was focused.  Given the success of their Empire before the Spanish arrived, it’s not hard to understand why they believed that. Read more

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