White-tailed Deer On Amherst Island

A white-tailed deer foraging on Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada.

Amherst Island is situated in Lake Ontario near Kingston, and for at least a couple of years, Bob and I had intended to visit it.  The intention was to photograph birds of prey that winter there.  Our explorations were enriched by of a healthy population of White-tailed Deer that casually foraged in different areas. Read more

Fascinating Ice Formations on Lake Ontario’s Shoreline

ice coated shoreline and trees, lake ontario, ontario, canada, 7

Our winter here in southern Ontario has been a real mixed bag to say the least.  Yoyoing between a series of very warm spells and frigid Arctic air has left us, here in Toronto, with no snow to speak of, and it is now the end of February.  What a surprise then, when Bob and I walked along the shore of Lake Ontario in Whitby, to find the water thick with slab ice and the most fanciful ice formations decorating the shoreline. Read more

Mink hunting fish along the rocky shoreline of Lake Ontario

photograph of a mink with a fish in its mouth along the Lake Ontario shoreline, Ontario

mink along the shore of lake ontario, in rouge national park, toronto, ontario, canada
After a spate of hot, humid weather, Bob and I seized the first day of below-seasonal temperatures to go cycling in Toronto.  While cruising along the Lake Ontario shoreline at the bottom of Rouge National Urban Park, we spotted a Mink loping along the rocky shore with a floppy fish dangling from its mouth. Read more

Shoreline Ice at Tommy Thompson Park

Shoreline Ice at Tommy Thompson Park

shoreline ice at tommy thompson park, toronto, ontario, 7

On our one and only outing to Tommy Thompson Park this past winter, Bob and I felt like kids let out of school for the summer.  It was a pleasantly warm, sunny day…typical March weather with a persistent wind out of the north that threatened to chill us to the bone if it weren’t for the strong rays of the sun beating down on our backs.  Still, winter had its icy grip on Toronto’s lakeshore. Read more

An American Redstart at Ashbridge’s Bay Park in Toronto


An American Redstart at Ashbridge’s Bay Park in Toronto

american redstart female ashbridges bay park toronto 3

At the height of the past spring’s migration, Bob and I made a plan to check out Ashbridge’s Bay Park at the shoreline of Lake Ontario in Toronto.  Hundreds of sightings had been reported there the previous week, so we were up much earlier than usual and on site in the parking lot before the sun’s rays were much above the horizon.  It was fairly late in the morning, however, when we discovered this female American Redstart (Setophaga ruticilla) in the middle of a dense thicket of trees. Read more

Icy Waves break over Sunnyside breakwater in Toronto

Icy Waves break over Sunnyside breakwater in Toronto

Waves breaking on Lake Ontario at Sunnyside in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

On a winter morning, Bob and I left our house to scope out Colonel Samuel Smith Park at the edge of Lake Ontario.  We were on the hunt for some Snowy Owls that had been seen there a couple of days earlier.  We had no idea that, later that same day, surging waves driven by gale-force winds would be battering the Toronto waterfront. Read more