Our Stay On Quirpon Island In Newfoundland

quirpon lighthouse inn and cottage, quirpon island, newfoundland

Our stay at the Quirpon Lighthouse Inn on Quirpon Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, promised a unique and fascinating experience.  The location is well written up as one of the five most remote and harshest places to visit and to stay anywhere in the world.  Right there, we were hooked on the idea! Read more

Red Fox On A Cold Winter’s Day In Algonquin Park

Image of a red fox sitting on the snow during a snowstorm in Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada. Photography by Frame To Frame - Bob and Jean

On a cold winter’s day that included passing snow squalls, Bob and I ventured into    Algonquin Provincial Park   in hopes of seeing a Spruce Grouse.  Instead, we found ourselves in the company of a Red Fox.  Looking picture perfect, this Red Fox almost seemed to pose for our cameras while fine snowflakes settled on its fur. Read more

Red Fox Vixen in Algonquin Park, Ontario

red fox near lake of two rivers, algonquin park, ontario

One particular family of Red Foxes in Algonquin Provincial Park has become quite celebrated, so much so that seeing them no longer represents a challenge.  On our day trip to the Park in late April, it was exciting to come across not one but two Red Foxes separate and distinct from the other well known foxes.  This vixen was spotted near Lake of Two Rivers. Read more

Red Fox Kits With Their Mother In Algonquin Park

photograph of a red fox mom feeding its kit in Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario

red fox kits, algonquin park, ontario

On a whim, at the end of May, Bob and I decided to organize a short stay in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, on the heels of another commitment that took us to the area.  We opted to book a yurt at the Mew Lake Campground, never having experienced that type of camping before, and spent three glorious days scouting out birds and wildlife.  What a thrill to have the opportunity of photographing 4 Red Fox kits (Vulpes vulpes) that were only about 4 weeks old. Read more

Red Foxes Wintering In Snowy Algonquin Provincial Park

red fox in algonquin park - november 2014 pic 6

Late in the fall one year, Bob and I visited Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario, and with the early snowfall received in the area, the Park was totally transformed from even a couple of weeks before.  As we made our way around the Park in search of wildlife, we could not resist the temptation to revisit the home range of a couple of Red Foxes known to many people.  The resident Foxes were out and about and seemed all that much more beautiful given the white canvas that accentuated their rich red coat of winter fur. Read more

Our Close Encounter with Red Foxes In Algonquin Provincial Park

photograph of a red fox in the fall in Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario, Canada.

red fox in algonquin park - fall of 2014 - pic 2

Earlier one fall, Bob and I set off for a three-day visit to Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario.  We were on a mission to find and photograph a Bull Moose.  Given the time of year, the odds were pretty good that we might come across one.  Instead, we were rewarded with the opportunity to observe and photograph not one, but two, Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes).  I was ecstatic! Read more

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