Skunk Cabbage at Dickson Wilderness Area

skunk cabbage_dickson Conservation area_ontario

skunk cabbage, dickson Conservation area, cambridge, ontario

It is so much fun to go hiking and birdwatching in the springtime.  With all the migrating birds arriving daily in Ontario, we never know what surprises are in store for us at places like Dickson Wilderness Area, near Cambridge, Ontario.  The same can be said for all the tender new growth that is pushing its way up out of the cold soil.  With each passing day, new treasures are to be found amidst the bleached leaf litter on the forest floor.  Eastern Skunk Cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus) is always one of the very first plants to emerge from the frozen earth because this plant is capable of generating its own heat and can even thaw its way through a thin veneer of ice. Read more

Spring Wildflowers at Beamer Memorial Conservation Area

Jean takes pictures of plants at Beamer Memorial Conservation Area,   Grimsby

Bloodroot Flower, Closeup, Beamer Memorial Conservation Area, Grimsby

A sure harbinger of spring is when the forest floor erupts into a brilliant carpet of Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis).  We came upon these fragile spring wildflowers which belong to the poppy family at the Beamer Memorial Conservation Area, near Grimsby, Ontario. Read more

The Flood of Spring 2013 in Huntsville, Ontario

The Flood of Spring 2013 in Huntsville, Ontario

Huntsville flooding, flooded riverside park area, Ontario, April 21, 2013

In the spring of 2013, it was evident that spring was upon us along the shores in Huntsville, Ontario.  Not only had the heavy snows of winter 2013/14 all but melted away, but April showers were in full swing.  For several days in a row, heavy rains had added to the runoff creating dangerous levels of water and flooding in all bodies of water.  Huntsville was one of the worst hit areas when it came to the Flood of Spring 2013. Read more

Skunk Cabbage Blooming in Cootes Paradise

Skunk Cabbage Blooming in Cootes Paradise

Skunk Cabbage plant, spathe bract, cootes paradise, hamilton, ontario

I have lived in Ontario my whole life, and despite trekking through the bush as a child, and doing endless hikes as an adult, this past spring was  the first time that I have ever come across a Skunk Cabbage plant at Cootes Paradise, in Hamilton, Ontario…lots of them, in fact. Read more